Ymir – Beginners Tips

A collection of useful tips when starting out in Ymir.

Useful Tips for Newbies


Being fairly new to the game myself and with few resources available I though I would create a list of useful tips and tricks for anyone starting out.

The Tutorial

  • Play and complete the tutorial if its your first time.
  • Follow the tutorial in correct order and follow the objectives exactly.
  • Storage window crash bug, close storage window before clicking the tutorial text.

Stone Age – Founding Your First City

Starting off with a band of settlers to a stable settlement which meets the basic needs of your Porcos.

  • Use the objectives as a guide to setting up your first settlement.
  • Settle on starting location as moving is very dangerous, if you must move only one tile.
  • You can look in tiles without needing any units so long as its in view of a city or army.
  • Only build one water source, you will then get idea for wells once demand gets high.
  • Porcos are your most valuable resource in the beginning, more than any early resource.
  • Invading barbarians will head for your resources, let them if you dont want to risk losing any militia.
  • Some building are free to place such as ground storage.
  • Use choke points in the terrain.
  • Items dont have to get carried yet so storage can be any accessible location regardless of distance to houses & production.
  • Early focus should be to grow population.

Stone Age

Having met the basic needs of your Porcos you now need to go from surviving to prospering.

  • Move your storage to an easily defended location once you have a strong militia.
  • Food shortage due to population growth should trigger farming Idea for planting fields.
  • A level 1 gatherer hut can support about 14 fields.
  • Use fertility overlay when placing fields, fertility ranges from 1 (low) to 3 (high).
  • When Exploring local map look out for copper (and other resources), you will need it shortly.
  • Build enough houses for all your Porcos, upgrade houses when you can. This will improve health and well being and help grow your population.
  • Set job priority for tier 1 needs (Wells, Farms & Hunters) to critical.


  • Starting location has balanced resources such as food, water and wood to get you going, other tiles may not.
  • Starting settlement doesnt have to be your capital, you can change later or abandon completely if you want.
  • Flatten map also adds red lines for inaccessibility, makes finding gaps in cliffs easier.
  • There is no Pause button you must close game.

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