Yakuza Kiwami – Majima Batting Cages Fight Guide

This is the ultimate guide to beating Majima in the award winning Batting Cage fight that showcases the skill and thought put into Yakuza Kiwami.


Yakuza Kiwami is a video game developed by Sega that showcases the life of Japanese criminals, known as Yakuza. It is a video game littered with mini games, tense moments, good voice acting and boss battles.

One such boss battle takes place in the Batting Cages, when the eccentric character “Majima Goro” challenges you to a fight.

It is common consensus that this boss fight is easily the best in the entire game. Majima has 2 phases in this battle. The first phase consists of a swift knife attack that stun locks you, and makes it almost impossible for you to break out of his attack cycle. The second phase consists of a swift bat attack that stun locks you, and makes it impossible for you to break out of his amazingly long attack cycle.

This guide will unlock the secret to facing him!

Step #1: Preparation

Before you do anything else, you need to go to your menu. Go to Save/Settings. Note that you must do this step before you start the boss fight.

Next, click on Settings.

Lastly, at the top you will see ‘DIFFICULTY.’ Click on the left arrow until it says ‘EASY’ then save. This activates a special feature which enables you to complete this boss fight properly.

Step #2: Execution

Proceed into the Batting Cages and start the fight. If you did Step 1 correctly, you will be able to overpower Majima, as he will become more vulnerable and will not activate his stun-locking attack cycles. You can use Rush for the duration of this fight.

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