XCOM: Chimera Squad – Config Tweaking Guide

This guide will hopefully teach you the ins and outs of most settings in XCOM:Chimera Squad’s config folder and which one are best for cheating.

Guide to Config Tweaking


First off the program i recommend you use to read the files im mentioning would be the the all powerful Notepad++, if you dont have it (although you already should) find it on google.

Secondly, the files we will be editing are (Normally) under:

  • C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonXCOM-Chimera-SquadXComGameConfig

Third, backup your original files!

DefaultStrategyTuning.ini AKA The Magic Maker

To start, basicly every number that looks like [0], [1], [2] or [3] is implying the difficulty setting from lowest to highest.Moving on.

Starting Resources (the amount of currency you get at start of new game)

  • StartingIntel[1]=#
  • StartingCredits[1]=#
  • StartingElerium[1]=#

Mission Rewards (self-explainatory)

  • BaseReward_Credits[0]=
  • BaseReward_Intel[0]=
  • BaseReward_Elerium[0]=

The Cheating Aspect

Unrest change (abs-value) for skipped Missions

  • IgnoredMissionUnrestChange[0]=

Unrest change (abs-value) for skipped Situations

  • IgnoredSituationUnrestChange[0]=

Change both to zero(0) and the civies will be sleeping like babies while their friends are getting SWATed.

Turn Related Modifiers

Set Duration to one(1) and event will be done after a turn.

Spec Ops

Same with everything under.


DefaultResearch.ini – R&D Baby

Change BaseTurns=# on research items to BaseTurns=1 and you will unlock it the turn after you research it,cheap but effective

DefaultGameData_CharacterStats.ini – OP Optional

Want to make your team Stronger from the get go? Fine ill show you how,

Under [XCom(CLASS GOz HERE)_Diff_0 X2CharacterTemplate] you can change the stats for your squad members like so…


[XComAndroid_Diff_0 X2CharacterTemplate]

  • CharacterBaseStats[eStat_HP]=10 ;XComAndroid_Diff_0
  • CharacterBaseStats[eStat_Defense]=5 ;XComAndroid_Diff_0
  • CharacterBaseStats[eStat_Offense]=75 ;XComAndroid_Diff_0
  • CharacterBaseStats[eStat_CritChance]=15 ;XComAndroid_Diff_0
  • CharacterBaseStats[eStat_FlankingCritChance]=40 ;XComAndroid_Diff_0
  • CharacterBaseStats[eStat_Will]=60 ;XComAndroid_Diff_0


[XComAndroid_Diff_0 X2CharacterTemplate]

  • CharacterBaseStats[eStat_HP]=15 ;XComAndroid_Diff_0
  • CharacterBaseStats[eStat_Defense]=8 ;XComAndroid_Diff_0
  • CharacterBaseStats[eStat_Offense]=90 ;XComAndroid_Diff_0
  • CharacterBaseStats[eStat_CritChance]=30 ;XComAndroid_Diff_0
  • CharacterBaseStats[eStat_FlankingCritChance]=55 ;XComAndroid_Diff_0
  • CharacterBaseStats[eStat_Will]=80 ;XComAndroid_Diff_0

I suggest you dont go overkill with the stat changes bcuz it might screw up you game.

DefaultGameData_XpData.ini – XP The Power of Tweaking

I think you’ll get the picture if i show you the changes i made and you can XPerience the power for yourself.



XP thresholds required to reach each rank

  • RequiredXp[0]=0
  • RequiredXp[1]=11
  • RequiredXp[2]=26
  • RequiredXp[3]=50
  • RequiredXp[4]=86
  • RequiredXp[5]=140

Mission XP: based on campaign Act

  • ActMissionXp[0]=6
  • ActMissionXp[1]=6
  • ActMissionXp[2]=7
  • ActMissionXp[3]=8

Kill XP: awared for each kill, based on campaign Act

  • ActKillXp[0]=0.25
  • ActKillXp[1]=0.25
  • ActKillXp[2]=0.25
  • ActKillXp[3]=0.4

Max Kill XP: awared for each kill, based on campaign Act

  • ActMaxKillXp[0]=4
  • ActMaxKillXp[1]=4
  • ActMaxKillXp[2]=4
  • ActMaxKillXp[3]=6



XP thresholds required to reach each rank

  • RequiredXp[0]=0
  • RequiredXp[1]=10
  • RequiredXp[2]=20
  • RequiredXp[3]=40
  • RequiredXp[4]=70
  • RequiredXp[5]=120

Mission XP: based on campaign Act

  • ActMissionXp[0]=7
  • ActMissionXp[1]=7
  • ActMissionXp[2]=8
  • ActMissionXp[3]=10

Kill XP: awared for each kill, based on campaign Act

  • ActKillXp[0]=0.50
  • ActKillXp[1]=0.50
  • ActKillXp[2]=0.75
  • ActKillXp[3]=1.0

Max Kill XP: awared for each kill, based on campaign Act

  • ActMaxKillXp[0]=4
  • ActMaxKillXp[1]=4
  • ActMaxKillXp[2]=5
  • ActMaxKillXp[3]=6


I know i didn’t explain every detail in some files but im sure you can figure out what they are for,but other than that i thank you for reading all this and id appreciate some feedback.

Oh annnnnd as a added bonus heres something you can put in your DefaultInput.ini file



Tactical binds

Add this:

  • .Bindings=(Name=”F12″,Command=”PowerUp”, Alt=True)
  • .Bindings=(Name=”F12″,Command=”TakeNoDamage”, Control=True)

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