Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – Pistol Shield Guide / Very Tanky

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Very fun very tanky. Lots of healing from healing orbs and health regen.

The Skill Tree

Ok Ive tried several other build guides and they all seem to fall short in one area or another but i think i have found a happy medium that makes for a very tanky build with massive heals via health orbs and regen.

Now for the skills. Could maybe still tweek them a bit but it works very well.

Now for the gear. For rings amulet and belt you will want to socket them with the beryl gems for increased stamina regen. If you have the three crowns amulet that will help alot with the stamina regen.

Right now I have like .3 on my stamina regen so it regens almost instantly. You can just dodge to your hearts content and never run out of stamina.

I am wearing bruiser chest and boots other than that it is all heavy gear. You want to look for material resist which will also go a long way towards your dps as well, other than that look for agility,ferocity,attack speed,and finally crit chance and damage. Also a weapon with life leech on it will help alot too.

I suppose you could also go with attack speed for the sockets on the weapon but I chose to go direct damage.

As far as gameplay goes,pretty simple. Dodge thru a group of mobs and target one of the weakest ones with mark on impunity then buff with sovereign shout start blasting the little one you marked till he dies and watch the chain reaction as all the other ones die and health globes drop like rain. You can clean up the rest with bleeding edge which also has a life leech on it and phantom blades.

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