Wildermyth – Events Overview

Events Overview

In Wildermyth, events (theme-related or otherwise) are selected by the game as your heroes progress through the campaign. The game chooses a specific event from all the possible events that your heroes are eligible for, based on what your heroes are doing at the time.

Encounter Types

Although there are many other types of encounters in the game, this list will only focus on specific types of encounters which can trigger a theme-related event.

  • Wilderness scouting: These events occur after your heroes have completed scouting an unexplored region on the Overland map.
  • Arrive at hostile site: These events occur before a lair battle begins.
  • Mission victory: These encounters occur after a successful lair battle ends.
  • Hook: This opportunity arises when a hero with a matching personality trait (hook) travels across the Overland map. A hook would be a personality trait such as Curious, Loyal, or Slacker.

Wilderness scouting, and Arrive at hostile site events are the most common type of theme events. Only a few theme events happen after a mission victory, or during a hook encounter.

Since the game contains a large number of events which are not theme-related, it’s very likely that a non-theme-related event occurs. All you can do is continue scouting and battling enemies, until the desired theme event occurs.

Event Targets

The game selects a high-scoring event from any event that matches its event targets. For example, if the event is written (targeted) for a poet or a goofball, but no heroes had a high enough score for those specific personalities, the event would fail (and not take place).

Some theme events target specific biomes (e.g., forest or swamp). Other theme events target specific enemies (e.g., fought Drauven, and one of the dead enemies was a Drauven Skysinger).

In addition to those examples, there are other common requirements that must be met, such as the event cooldown. Most specific theme events can only happen once per game (campaign). So, if the wolf event has already occurred in the current campaign for a different hero, it won’t happen again until you start a new campaign.

The second common requirement is theme eligibility. Most themes have one or two eligibility checks:

  • The first checks to see if another hero in the company already has that theme. For example, if you recruit a legacy character that has the wolf theme, the wolf event won’t occur at all for the remainder of the campaign. (To work around that, hold off on recruiting specific legacy characters, until the original heroes get the desired themes you want.)
  • The second eligibility check is related to theme slots. As mentioned earlier, some themes conflict with each other, so a hero wouldn’t be eligible for two pets, or two sets of wings, or two animal heads.

If none of your heroes meet all the theme requirements, that theme event can’t happen. Please check each theme’s conditions, to ensure that you’re not wasting any time trying to get a theme event to happen that simply won’t occur in the current campaign.

Event Choices and Outcomes

Once a theme event starts, keep in mind that the theme is not necessarily guaranteed. Often the event involves the hero making the correct choices (or possibly succeeding at a dice roll) to achieve the desired outcome and receive the theme.

Note that what a hero says in the dialog can differ from hero to hero, depending on the hero’s personality, however the specific outcome to choose will always remain the same. Option one would be the leftmost choice, option two the next choice to the right, and so on.

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