White & Black Meteorite, Refined Gold Locations in DBZ Kakarot

Refined gold, black and white meteorite are rare materials in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. All of them are required to upgrade the training room from level 7 to level 10. They’re extremely hard to find, but there are ways to make the search less tedious. If you’re having no luck finding any one of these, keep reading our DBZ Kakarot white & black meteorite, refined gold locations guide.

dbz kakarot white black meteorite refined gold locations
White & Black Meteorite, Refined Gold Locations in DBZ Kakarot

Black & White Meteorite locations

The good news is that both of these meteorites will become available for purchase at the materials/development vendor after you pass a certain story beat. You can find them in a bunch of places, like Satan City, Gingertown and Lucca Village. The bad news is, they’re pretty expensive. The slick-haired merchant has an endless supply of both black and white meteorites, but you’ll need around 11k apiece. Make sure you sell anything you deem worthless, or else you’ll have a hard time raising the money required for this endeavor.

Where to find refined gold?

Refined gold is mined from mineral deposits around the world. We’ve had luck in the West Forest Area, in the Sacred Land of Korin. Since they’re rare, you’re best bet is to find a place with two or more nodes huddled together, then save the game, break them, and reload if you don’t get any refined gold. Repeating this process until you get what you want is faster than leaving the area to respawn the nodes, then returning. We had good fortune with the two nodes in the cave east of Korin’s Tower.

You’ll need quite a few of these materials – at least one of each per level of training room upgrades, starting from level 7 and ending at level 10. This means you should probably start looking for them before that, and start saving up for those costly purchases.

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