We’re coming into week three in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, and we have a special set of Spire Challenges to complete. You’ll need to find Raz, which you can do by referring to our character locations map if you’re unsure of his area, and speak with him. He has a few tasks for you to do, one of which is to retrieve an artifact. Here’s where to retrieve the Cult Artifact from The Spire in Fortnite.

Where to Retrieve the Cult Artifact from The Spire in Fortnite

The Cult Artifact is at The Spire, which is in the center of the Fortnite island. You know, the place with all the ziplines. There’s a small building connected to the large central spire around the middle level. Refer to the map below for the exact marker location. An easy way to find the building is by flying into the Spire from the west and looking for the building circled in red here:

Make your way into the first floor of the building. You should see a small table that usually has an ammo box on top of it. To the left of the table, you should see the Cult Artifact sitting in the corner. It is glowing blue, so it’s hard to miss. Walk up to it and use your interact key to steal the Artifact. When you pick it up, you should get credit for the quest to retrieve the Cult Artifact from the Spire for Raz.

Where to Retrieve the Cult Aritfact for Raz in Fortnite

The next part is to complete all three Spire Quests and then return to Raz. These Epic Quests begin in week three and grant you a lot of Battle Pass XP for each completion, so knock them out when you can. Beware, though, because many players will be trying to complete the same ones in Colossal Crops, Boney Burbs, and the Spire.