Slaying monsters and collecting resources is the name of the game in the Monster Hunter titles. Whether you’re slaying giant, powerful monsters or smaller, less threatening ones, you’ll always get a few items from the carcass. Each monster has a specific loot table, so if you’re looking for something in particular, you’ll need to know what to hunt. Here’s where to get Meaty Hide in Monster Hunter Rise.

Meaty Hide is the hide from the underbelly of a Zamite. Super elastic—just try stretching it.

Where to Get Meaty Hide in Monster Hunter Rise

To get Meaty Hide in Monster Hunter Rise, you will need to hunt Zamite in the Frost Islands region. You can usually find them roaming around in regions 4, 5, 6, and 8 in Frost Islands. Zamite is a small monster that can drop Meaty Hide, Sharqskin Scale, Sharp Fang, and Monster Guts. The drop rate for Meaty Hide is 38%.

Pick up some quests in the Frost Islands region, and be on the lookout for a tiny amphibious monster. The miniature dragon-like creature is not difficult to hunt. After you take one out, walk over to it and press A to begin carving it. You have a fairly high chance to get some Meaty Hide as a reward.