Throughout your adventure in Resident Evil Village, you’ll encounter many items and keys that potentially unlock some valuable things. One of these belongs to Luiza, one of the earlier characters in the game. The Duke points out Luiza’s Heirloom on the map, but it’s not exactly apparent what you need to do or look for after finding the necklace. Not to worry, though, because we got you covered with our guide. Here’s where to get Luiza’s Heirloom Key in Resident Evil Village and open the chest at Lone Road.

Where to get Luiza’s Key in Resident Evil Village

To find Luiza’s Key, you’ll need to search on the outer perimeter of Luiza’s house. You’ll come across a small box with roses on the outside of it, and upon opening it, discover Luiza’s Necklace. Pick up the necklace, and you can examine the Necklace Stone. Removing the jewel from the necklace reveals a key inside of it. Inspect the Necklace with Key to acquire Luiza’s Key. So, what can you open with this key? 

Where to get Luiza's Key in Resident Evil Village

You can use the Key from Luiza’s Necklace to open up a locked chest or chalice near the Lone Road altar in the ruined church. Inside the building, you’ll find the locked chest sitting on a table with some flowers around it. Use Luiza’s Key to open it up and reveal Cesare’s Goblet, an antique goblet that was a treasure to Cesare, one of the four founders. It’s a very valuable treasure item, so well worth the adventure.

Without knowing where to look, it’s easy to pick up this key and never even know you had it, let alone where to use it. So, that’s where to get Luiza’s key in Resident Evil Village.