Have you ever shoved your hand into a big, swampy hole in a tree? Like, really deep in there? I wouldn’t blame you if you haven’t, the very notion is repulsive, but sometimes you find interesting stuff. I found ten bucks in a gross tree once, though don’t ask me why I put my hand in there. You won’t find any money in the trees of Valheim, but you will obtain some useful, if mildly disgusting substances. Here’s where to get Guck in Valheim.

As you’re traveling through the Swamp biome, you may notice that some of the trees sticking out of the muck have large, glowing green pustules jutting out of them. These are known as Gucksacks, and one can only wonder what manner of humid horrors resulted in them. Contained within Gucksacks is Guck, a waxy material that kinda smells like expired anchovies. Remarkably, this stuff can actually be quite useful in the construction of some helpful items, but to actually get the Guck out of the Gucksack, you’re gonna have to put in some legwork.

Where to Get Guck in Valheim

Guck is found in the Swamp biomes in Valheim, growing on the sides of trees. The tricky thing about Gucksacks is that you can only harvest the Guck from them by pummeling them a few times with an axe. If they happen to be at ground level, great, but most of the time, they’re located higher up in the Swamp’s trees, and unlike other trees, you can’t cut these down. 

In order to get up to the higher Gucksacks, you’ll need to use your hammer to craft a workbench nearby. Once you’re in a workbench’s proximity, you can craft a few simple sets of stairs to create an ersatz ladder up to the Gucksacks, where you can hack them down. This is, unfortunately, the only way to do this at the moment, as Gucksacks aren’t affected by ranged weapons like bows.

Currently, there are three items that require Guck in their construction. They are:

  • Standing Green-Burning Iron Torch
    • 2 Iron
    • 2 Guck, plus more to keep the fire burning
  • Green Banner
    • 2 Fine Wood
    • 6 Leather Scraps
    • 1 Guck
  • Draugr Fang
    • 10 Ancient Bark
    • 20 Silver
    • 2 Deer Hide
    • 10 Guck