Image via Capcom

In just about any fantasy setting, there’s always at least one kind of metal or ore that makes what is unquestionably the best stuff. Diamond, mythril, orichalcum, whatever you want to call it, it’s good stuff, and you want weapons and armor made of it. In the case of Monster Hunter Rise, the stuff you want is Fucium Ore, a mysterious metal that any blacksmith would kill for. Here’s where to get Fucium Ore in Monster Hunter Rise.

Fucium Ore is one of the rarest, most coveted materials in the entire game. As such, you’re not even gonna start finding it until you hit high rank. When you start really getting up there, many previous materials become a lot less important, so if you really want the best possible gear, you’re going to need a steady supply of Fucium Ore.

Where to get Fucium Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

To find Fucium Ore, you’ll need to visit the high-rank versions of some of the most dangerous maps. I’m talking about the Flooded Forest, Sandy Plains, and Lava Caverns. Scattered around these maps are the usual blue and white mining outcrops, either one of which can contain Fucium Ore when mined. While the white outcrops tend to have rarer stuff, the blue ones should have it as well, and are easier to find anyway. 

Really, you should just mine any outcrop you happen upon. Also, while it isn’t explicitly necessary to obtain Fucium Ore, you should try to get your Geologist skill up to at least level 3, as that’ll increase how much ore each mining outcrop yields when you smack it. To save some time, try to hang out near the right side of the Lava Caverns or the middle of the Sandy Plains, as the outcrops spawn in tighter clusters. 

Just visit these spots a few times during hunts, and you should have all the ore you need to make some really slammin’ gear.