You can gather many different types of resources in Valheim, most of which are requirements in recipes throughout the game. When it comes to building your longhouse, furniture, ships, and other objects, wood is going to be one of your primary resources. There are several different tiers of wood, and you might be wondering how to get it. Here’s where to get Core Wood in Valheim.

While you’re traveling around to the different biomes, pay attention to the names of the trees. The various species of trees drop different types of wood, but you can’t always cut them down unless you have the right tool for the job. 

Where to get Core Wood in Valheim

In Valheim, Core Wood comes from Pine Trees, which are abundant in the Black Forest biome. This biome is the second one you’ll encounter immediately after defeating Eikthyr in the Meadows or Green forest. 

You can chop down Pine Trees by using the Stone Axe from your primary crafting menu or the Flint Axe from the Workbench. The Stone Axe requires 5 Wood and 4 Stone to make, while the Flint Axe requires 4 Wood and 6 Flint. You can find Flint in the Meadows alongside the coast of any body of water.

If you haven’t chopped trees before, be careful, because they can fall on your head and kill you. They can also knock down other trees if they fall at the proper angle. The tree will generally fall in one solid log, and from there, you can split it into two. Chop the remaining two logs to break it down and get your Core Wood.

Core Wood is used in many early game recipes like the Finewood Bow, Stagbreaker, and mostly all the early game Furniture items. Check out our guide on how to chop birch trees to figure out what you need to do next.