Image via Capcom

Not all ice is created equal. That may sound silly, but remember, ice is water, and not all water is created equal. There’s filtered water, spring water, flavored water, and, apparently, water that spurts out of a giant monster’s legs. There’s lots of water, and lots of ice, and when it comes to Monster Hunter Rise, only the best ice will do. Here’s where to get a Block of Ice in Monster Hunter Rise.

Several ice and winter-themed weapons and armor sets require the Block of Ice as a crafting material. Yes, that is supposed to be capitalized, because it’s not just any old block of ice from the back of the freezer, it’s a Block of Ice secreted by the legs of the Goss Harag, one of the new monsters added in Monster Hunter Rise. The Goss Harag is a big ogre/yeti-looking-thing that lurks around the snowy plains of the Frost Islands. Apparently, by melting snow on its fleshy legs, it can generate large clumps of ice at will. What makes ice that’s been touching a monster’s sweaty thighs better, I have no idea, but you still need it, so it’s time for a hunt.

Where to get a Block of Ice in Monster Hunter Rise

The good news is that you don’t actually have to defeat the Goss Harag to get some ice from it. When you’re engaged in combat with one, it’ll regularly freeze its extremities into large, sharp icicles, which it’ll swing wildly at you while chasing you on its hind legs. You’ll want to keep your distance from the monster during its little tantrum, then when it calms down, take a few swings at its ice-covered arms. If you’re lucky, a chunk of ice will chip off that you can pick up. 

Once you have the ice from the Goss Harag, you don’t have to kill it. You can either run away yourself, or fight it until it switches Areas of its own volition. Of course, if you’re in the mood, you can finish it off. You might even get some more ice as a drop, though the odds of that aren’t as good as just hacking at its icicle arms. Oh, and don’t worry about the rank of your hunt; the Goss Harag will appear on the Frost Islands in both low and high-rank hunts.