There are dozens of resources you can find scattered throughout the different biomes in Valheim. Many of them are a requirement for crafting weapons and armor recipes. Not all materials are easy to find, though, and some require locating a particular merchant. Here’s where to find Ymir Flesh in Valheim and what you can make with it.

Where to find Ymir Flesh in Valheim

Ymir Flesh is available from any of the unique merchants that are randomly located throughout your world. The merchant, Haldor, shows up with a bag icon on the map. Make sure to open up your world map and look for the icon when you’re sailing around the ocean. As everyone’s seeds are completely random, we cannot tell you the exact location. You can, however, check out our best Valheim world seeds post to find one if you are having trouble. 

You can purchase Ymir Flesh from Haldor for 120 Coins, which you can get from killing Fuling Goblins, Trolls, or trading in precious gems. Again, Haldor’s location is random, so you’ll need to search your world for him.

What can you craft with Ymir Flesh?

There are currently two items in Valheim that require Ymir Flesh: Frostner and Iron Sledge. Frostner is a silver weapon and one of the only items in the game with the Spirit stat. It also deals Frost damage, making it effective at slowing enemies along with dishing out severe damage.

The Iron Sledge, on the other hand, is an excellent area-of-effect weapon. Attacking unleashes a powerful slam that deals damage to any nearby enemies in a radius. It’s a useful tool for destroying big mobs of skeletons, goblins, or other enemies that travel in packs. Here are the recipes for both the Frostner and Iron Sledge:

  • Frostner: Ancient Bark x10, Silver x30, Ymir Flesh x5, Freeze Gland x5
  • Iron Sledge: Ancient Barks x10, Iron x30, Ymir Flesh x4, Elite Draugr Trophy x1