The world of Valheim is vast, and there are many different biomes to explore. There are six active biomes, to be exact: Meadows, Black Forest, Swamps, Mountains, Plains, and the Ocean. You may discover additional biomes, like the Mistlands, but these are placeholders for future content. Swamps are the third biome you’ll encounter in the game if you’re going in order of intended progression. Depending on your seed, though, you might have some difficulty locating it. Here are some general tips on where to find the Swamp biome in Valheim.

It’s important to understand that everyone’s world is unique and randomly generated based on a seed. Multiple players can use the same seed to play in an identical world. However, if you launch your game and hop into the first seed you create, it’s not going to look like anyone else’s world. For that reason, we cannot give you exact coordinates to guarantee a Swamp biome. What we can do is guide you in the right direction to help you on your journey.

Where to find the Swamp Biome in Valheim

To find a Swamp biome in Valheim, you’ll likely need to build a raft or a boat and set sail for the open seas. Generally, each world contains Swamp areas randomly scattered throughout the ocean. The typical layout has Swamps laid out in a ring formation equidistant from your starting island. Take the map below, for instance. Notice how the surrounding islands mostly have Swamp biomes. Most worlds will roughly follow this layout, but it’s not a guarantee. 

As you’re sailing, keep an eye out for bare trees and dark terrain. There’s generally a lot of fog in the Swamp biome, and you’ll be able to spot it from a distance. As always, remember to bring some materials with you to craft a portal. That way, you can freely teleport between your home and the newly discovered land. You can’t teleport with Iron, though, so bring a boat and utilize its storage space.

Swamp biomes contain Sunken Crypts, which require Swamp Keys to open. You’ll find a lot of hidden treasures down there, including Iron ore, which will quickly become the cornerstone of your weaponry. The amount of Sunken Crypts depends on the biome’s size, and it’s entirely possible to have a smaller area with no Crypts at all.

You may get lucky and have a Swamp biome on your starting island, but it’s unlikely. You can check out some of the best Valheim seeds to cherry-pick a good starting location. Some players opt to do this if they get unlucky with their random world, and there’s no harm in doing so. All your progress is on a per-character basis, so there’s no downfall of hopping into other worlds and exploring there. Your structures don’t carry over, but at least your inventory of items persists.