Another week means another set of challenges to complete for some Battle Pass XP and unique cosmetics. Fortnite players looking to unlock the predator skin will have to complete a Jungle Hunter quest this week. Here’s where to find the Mysterious Pod location in Fortnite

A few new challenges are unlocking this week in Fortnite. “Find the Mysterious Pod” is one of the epic challenges or quests, which grants 20,000 XP upon completion. 

Where to Find the Mysterious Pod Location in Fortnite

You can find the Mysterious Pod at the Stealthy Stronghold location on the northwest part of the map. So get ready to venture into the jungle because we got some exploring to do. Have a look at the map below to see exactly where to glide into the zone. 

Where to Find the Mysterious Pod Location in Fortnite

As you glide into Stealthy Stronghold, go deep into the jungle near the marker shown above. You should see the Mysterious Pod, a spaceship of sorts, on the ground next to a tree. It’s on the northwest side of the zone that contains all the shacks. 

All you need to do to complete this challenge is to walk up to the Mysterious Pod. After that, you should see the prompt on your screen’s top-left showing the completion. Fans of the movie The Predator might think the escape pod looks familiar.