If I were to have any complaints about Resident Evil games, it’s that the layer of grime over everything occasionally makes it a little difficult to locate important items. The subject of this very guide, the Jack Handle, had me walking in circles for thirty minutes after accidentally walking right past it, so I think my grievances are justified. So you don’t feel as silly as I do, here’s where to find the M1911 and Jack Handle in Resident Evil Village.

After you return to the village proper after dealing with Lady Dimitrescu and her lovely daughters, you’ll be told to find a house with a red chimney. Problem is, the front gate to this house is locked, and the only path around the back is blocked by a large tractor. The tractor has a jack underneath it, but you’ll need to find the handle to operate it. Luckily, it’s actually very close by.

Where to Find the M1911 and Jack Handle in Resident Evil Village

Due southwest from Luiza’s house is the Workshop, a larger, gated property littered with mechanical parts. You’ll know it when you see it; the gate has a prominent “DO NOT ENTER” sign on it. 

Image via Capcom

Enter the small shed to your left and pick up the photograph on the counter. On the back is a message, “look out the window.” On the floor nearby is a cabinet with a six-digit lock. As the photo tells you, you’ll need to look out the window for the six digits on the machinery lying around in the yard. Fair warning, though, when you look out the window, a Lycan will pop out and scream in your face.

Once you’ve dealt with the Lycan, interact with the lock to enter the code: 070408. Inside the cabinet is the M1911 pistol, a substantial improvement over your starter handgun with rapid-fire action, and, more importantly, the Jack Handle. Make sure not to miss the handle; it’s the same color as the cabinet, so if you’re like me, you might not see it at a casual glance.