Fortnite is going into week 9 in Chapter 2 Season 5, and it’s time to take a look at what new challenges we have available. There are a few challenges where we’ll need to find some things around the map. For this one, we need to find a black box from a crashed plane. Here’s where to find the Crashed Plane’s Black Box location in Fortnite.

Around and around the Loop goes… but some things stay.

Where to find the Crashed Plane’s Black Box Location in Fortnite

The crashed plane’s black box is on the east side of the Coral Castle area. While gliding into the area, you’ll see a crashed plane on the island east of Coral Castle. The plane is separated into a few parts, and one of them looks like a giant audio recorder.

Walk over to the crashed plane’s black box and interact with it. After doing so, you should see the quest completion prompt pop up on the top right.

This is an epic quest, so it’s worth 20,000 XP. For more guides of this week’s challenges, check out our guide on where to find the hidden bunker in Fortnite.

Stay tuned for more challenges and step-by-step walkthroughs as we progress through all this weeks’ quests.