If you’ve ever seen Thor: Ragnarok, you’ve probably heard of Surtur, the terrible fire giant destined to bring spicy doom upon Valhalla in a massive doomsday event known as Ragnarok. Marvel actually didn’t come up with that, that’s a real thing. Well, a real myth, anyway. Surtur, or “Surtr,” to use the original spelling, was a massive entity in Norse mythology whose presence signaled the end of the world in the aforementioned Ragnarok. Luckily, his major gimmick is being really tall, so in a smaller package, like Valheim’s Surtlings, it’s a much less intimidating concept, plus they yield something useful! Here’s where to find Surtling Cores in Valheim.

Surtlings are little flaming dudes that bum around the world of Valheim. When slain, they drop Surtling Cores, which can be used to create both heat-centric tools like a kiln and fire-element weaponry. These can be very helpful when dealing with the residents of the Black Forest, and eventually the Swamp, but the problem is that Surtlings don’t actually show up in your world until after you’re beyond the Black Forest’s boundaries. Not to worry, though, as there are other ways to get those cores. 

Where to find Surtling Cores in Valheim

There are a few different ways to find Surtling Cores in Valheim.

  • Burial Chambers in the Black Forest
  • Surtling Skeletons in the Swamp biome

Located randomly around the Black Forest are Burial Chambers, small underground dungeons with a similar makeup to the Swamp’s crypts. Every Burial Chamber has a stash of 1-10 Surtling cores hidden somewhere, so be on the lookout for little red glowing boxes, usually mounted on sticks. Of course, as is the case with gathering scrap iron from the crypts, you’ll need to be careful when hunting for cores, as Burial Chambers are crawling with vicious skeletons.

Another way to get Surtling Cores is by killing the fire skeletons known as Surtlings in the Swamp biome. These skeletons are imbued with fire and will shoot fireballs at you, so be careful when approaching. Unlike other skeletons that only drop bone fragments, these drop Surtling Cores!

Once you get your hands on a Surtling Core, you’ll automatically unlock its associated recipes, including the kiln and the smelter, both of which you’ll need to create bigger, badder weaponry to deal with the residents of the Swamp. Once you’re strong enough to survive in the Swamp, you’ll find Surtlings hanging around which you can kill for their Cores.