Silver is one of the types of metals you can find out in the world of Valheim. Like other resources, it’s native to a particular biome, but coming across it is a little more challenging than Copper and Tin. You will need to procure an item from one of the bosses to ensure you know where to dig for it. We’ll show you exactly where to find Silver in Valheim and how to gather it in this guide.

Where to find Silver in Valheim

To find Silver in Valheim, you’ll need to wander around the Mountain biome while you have the Wishbone equipped. The Wishbone is a unique item drop that you can get from defeating the Swamp biome boss known as Bonemass. Here’s what you’ll need to mine Silver:

  • Iron pickaxe
  • Wishbone
  • Frost Resistance Mead or Wolf Armor

While you have your Wishbone equipped, you can wander around the snowy mountains in search of treasure. The Wishbone emits a noise and visible sparks whenever a treasure is nearby. You can think of it as a metal detector since it behaves the same and makes noise more frequently the closer you are to Silver veins and other buried treasures. 

When you narrow down the approximate location of a buried treasure in the Mountain biome, there’s a good chance you’re standing on top of an iron vein. Use your Iron Pickaxe to start digging into the mountain. You may need to go down reasonably deep to get to the silver.

Since everyone’s world seeds are randomly generated, we can’t give you any exact locations for silver. However, you can be sure a Mountain biome with a Moder summoning altar will have its fair share to collect. You may stumble across small Mountain biomes near the starting area adjacent to the Black Forest. These smaller biomes may not contain any silver, so don’t waste your time on those. 

What can you craft with Silver?

Silver opens up several new recipes at the forge and workbench, including the following:

  • Wolf armor
  • Wolf fur cape
  • Silver arrows
  • Silver shield
  • Lox cape
  • Silver sword
  • Frostner
  • Fang spear
  • Draugr fang
  • Drake helmet

You can smelt silver ore into silver through the smelter. Wolf armor chest, legs, and cape all provide natural frost resistance. Crafting these items is ideal if you want to face off against Moder without the use of Frost Resistance Meads from the Cauldron. You may still want to utilize them, though, since they mitigate Moder’s frost attacks.

Silver allows you to craft special items like the Silver Sword, which has a “spirit” attribute on it. Spirit items are extra effective against skeletons, and provide a burning damage-over-time effect to them. Check out our best weapons in Valheim guide for a more in-depth look.