It’s the third day of the Five Flushes of Fortune event in Genshin Impact, and today, Ji Tong wants us to photograph some red creatures. You may immediately think of pyro creatures, but we have a few spots you might want to check out to knock the daily requirement out quickly. Here’s where to find red creatures for Five Flushes of Fortune in Genshin Impact.

If you are just now beginning on this event, you can check out our Five Flushes of Fortune event guide for a day-by-day walkthrough. Each day, Ji Tong will assign you a new color and object to photograph. You’ll need to collect ten photographs each day, over seven days.

Where to find Red Creatures for Five Flushes of Fortune

You can find red creatures all around Mondstadt and Liyue if you know where to look. Some that immediately come to mind are pyro Slimes, pyro Regisvines, and red Hilichurls. Of course, there are many more creatures you can photograph, including boards, but we have a list here to help you out.

Qingyun Peak

The first spot contains seven pyro slimes, and you can photograph each of them. Start by traveling to the waypoint south of Qingyun Peak, and head north. Glide off the cliff, and look for the circular formation of red slimes. There’s a small ledge you can stand on to photograph them from a distance without aggroing.

Pyro Regisvine

At this point, you’ll need three more photos, and we can get them quite quickly. Teleport to the Pyro Regisvine at Qiongji Estuary, south of Cuijue Slope. Head to the Pyro Regisvine location, and snap a photo. There are two more small red Regisvines outside of the cave, as well. If you get all three, you’re probably done, but in case you need one more, continue below.

Domain of Guyun

Finally, if you still need a few more photos, you can teleport to the Domain of Gunyun. There are a few Pyro Abyss Mages around the area that you can snap a picture of to finish off the quest.