Luvdisc is one of those Pokémon that people usually forget about, and in all fairness, I kinda get why. It’s just a fish… shaped like a heart. And it spits water out of its little O mouth. It’s kinda cute, I guess, but there certainly cuter Pokémon, not to mention more interesting aquatic types. But hey, when you gotta fill out that PokéDex, you gotta catch ‘em all, even the ones you don’t care about. Here’s where to find a Luvdisc in Pokémon GO.

As both an aquatic Pokémon and a Water type, Luvdiscs are typically found in close proximity to large bodies of water like lakes and beaches. You don’t even have to be right next to a body of water to make a Luvdisc appear in the wild; as long as there’s some water in your general vicinity, it’ll start showing up. Luvdisc spawns regularly in the wild and from 2 KM eggs, so as long as you’re in the neighborhood, it shouldn’t be too hard to track one down.

Where to Find Luvdisc in Pokémon GO

In the event that the odds haven’t favored you and you’re having difficulty finding a Luvdisc, don’t worry; as it so happens, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner on February 14th. Every Valentine’s Day for the last few years, Luvdisc’s wild spawn rate shoots up like crazy. If you play Pokémon GO on Valentine’s Day, I can guarantee you with almost 100% certainty that you will run into at least one Luvdisc. Besides its usual 2 KM eggs, Valentine’s Day also boosts the appearance of Luvdiscs in 7 KM eggs (or at least it did last year, so it’s probably a safe assumption).

With these increased spawn rates, Valentine’s Day will not only be your best chance to scratch Luvdisc off your PokéDex to-do list, but it’ll also be a great time to hunt for a shiny one. Luvdisc may be boring, but even a boring Pokémon is worth looking for when it’s shiny, right?