Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is finally upon us, and there’s tons of new content to explore. To start things off, we have a bunch of new missions that just hit our quest log. One of them is to pick up a few Golden Artifacts at one of the new locations on the map. So, when you get done exploring and want to focus on some quests, here’s where to find Golden Artifacts near the Spire in Fortnite.

Where to Find Golden Artifacts Near the Spire in Fortnite

There are three Golden Artifacts scattered around the new Spire location of the Fortnite map. You can find them on the east, north, and west side of the spire. Refer to the map below for the exact locations. It helps to break this tutorial down into basic cardinal directions, with the giant spire as the center point.

Golden Artifact #1 – North of the Spire

Attached to the north side of the spire, there’s a small hut with some wooden boards blocking the entrance. Destroy the boards with your pickaxe, and you should see a Golden Artifact llama head in the left corner. Walk over to it and interact with it to pick it up.

Where to Find Golden Artifacts Near the Spire in Fortnite - North Spire

Golden Artifact #2 – West of the Spire

Next, you can walk to the west side of the spire and head inside the second floor of the building. That’s where you’ll find the second Golden Artifact, which looks like a sort of Pharaoh llama of sorts. Again, interact with it to pick it up.

West Spire

Golden Artifact #3 – East of the Spire

Finally, you can head to the east side of the spire to the market area. On the first floor, there’s a small tent inside the market. You can find the final Golden Artifact llama head behind the bucket of corn underneath the tent. Collect the final Golden Artifact to tick this challenge off your list.

East Spire Golden Artifact