Any good forge needs proper fuel and proper materials. Bad stuff in your blacksmith’s fire would be like throwing a tire into a fireplace. You’re not getting any gear, you’re just getting lung cancer. Nope, we need the quality stuff. Here’s where to find Firecell Stones in Monster Hunter Rise.

Firecell Stones, alongside Fucium Ore, are one of the rarest, most important materials in the latter parts of Monster Hunter Rise. These spicy stones are an absolute necessity for making some High Rank-compliant equipment, but unlike Fucium Ore, they don’t appear in nearly as much quantity. There’s only one place you can go hunting for Firecell Stones: an active volcano!

Where to Find Firecell Stones in Monster Hunter Rise

To be more specific, the only map where Firecell Stones spawn is the Lava Caverns, specifically during a High Rank hunt that’ll allow you to freely explore the entire area. Even when you’ve got access to the Lava Caverns, you may need to complete a few High Rank hunts before you can get access to the parts of the map you need.

Once you’ve got free reign, start nosing around for Mining Outcrops, both blue and white. While the white ones are more likely to give you the rare materials you’re looking for, the blue ones will occasionally have Firecell Stones as well, so make sure to mine both. As with Fucium Ore, it also wouldn’t hurt to have your Geologist skill up to at least level 3 to increase your material yield.

It also wouldn’t hurt to check your map status when you first start the hunt, as if you’re lucky, the Caverns may be experiencing a Mining Outcrops Upsurge. During an Upsurge, for the first ten minutes of your hunt all Mining Outcrops will yield much greater quantities of materials. If luck is on your side, you can get enough Firecell Stones in one passthrough to build whatever fiery armor your little heart desires.