Image via Capcom

One of the prevailing philosophies of ancient hunters was that every last piece of a hunted animal should be put to some kind of practical use. If you’re gonna end a living creature’s life, after all, it better be for a good reason. This is also a common philosophy in Monster Hunter games, and Monster Hunter Rise is no different. Here’s where to find Dragonhusk Shards in Monster Hunter Rise.

Resource gathering is, as always, a vital part of the Monster Hunter game loop. You need a steady supply of resources, both from hunted monsters and local fauna, in order to keep up with maintenance on your weapons, armor, and items. The blacksmith will give you a list of resources needed to construct and upgrade particular pieces of equipment, but it’s all on you to find them. One particularly tricky material is Dragonhusk Shards, frequently used for upgrades on a weapon’s Bone Tree. 

Where to Find Dragonhusk Shards in Monster Hunter Rise

The good news about Dragonhusk Shards is that you can typically find them among bonepiles found all over the world. The bad news is that while bonepiles start showing up fairly early in the game, you won’t find Dragonhusk Shards in them until you cross a particular threshold, namely entering the Frost Islands for the first time.

Luckily, the Frost Islands are only the second major area of the game, so just keep clearing village quests, working your way up from one-stars to two-stars, until you can start venturing out into the frigid cold.

As with any other map area, you’ll need to uncover everything on your own the first time you visit, but when you find a bonepile, it’ll be marked on your map under the Materials 2 section, so you can find the piles again when you need to. And remember, once you set foot in the Frost Islands, all other bonepiles in the game will start dropping Dragonhusk Shards, so if you know any others, feel free to scope them out.