Crystal Cores are one of the living materials you can collect in Genshin Impact. The resource is required for a few crafting recipes, notably the Condensed Resin blueprint introduced to the game in the first major content update. Finding Crystal Cores is not exactly straightforward if you don’t know where to look. There’s a good chance you have a few in your inventory, but if you want to farm them, it’s a good idea to create a farm route. Here’s where to find Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact.

Crystal Cores are the core of a crystal butterfly. The item absorbs elemental energy that had escaped into the atmosphere. Catching the crystal butterfly can be difficult, as they fly away quickly.

Where to find Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact

Crystal Cores are found in the Liyue region of Teyvat, in a few specific areas, including Guyun Stone Forest, the canyons of Mt. Aozang, the western area of the Bishui Plains, Mt. Tianheng, and Ciujue Slope. You can find a map below for each region, along with a recommended Crystal Core farm route.

Guyun Stone Forest

The easiest spot to find Crystal Cores is at the Guyun Stone Forest. Teleport to the Waypoint for the Domain of Guyun, and you will see about six crystal butterflies nearby. Collect as many as you can, but be warned, because they fly away quickly.

Where to find Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact - Guyun Stone Forest

Mt. Aozang and Bishui Plains

Another excellent spot to farm Crystal Cores is in the canyons beneath Mt. Aozang. Start on the top left peninsula and work your way inward. You can find around ten to twelve butterflies and Crystal Cores here. Once you’re done at Mr. Aozang, teleport to the waypoint north of it in the Bishiu Plain. There are another four Crystal Cores in that area.

Crystal Core - Mt. Aozang and Bishui Plains

Mt. Tianheng

Next, you can make your way west of Liyue Harbor to Mt. Tianheng. Teleport to the Mt. Tianheng waypoint, and glide down to the area northwest of it. You can find five to six Crystal Cores there. Next, teleport to Lisha, which is west of the Mt. Tianheng waypoint. There’s another five to six crystal cores near the inlet of the river.

Crystal Core - Mt. Tianheng

Ciujue Slope and Jueyun Karst

Finally, make your way to the area between Ciujue Slope and Jueyun Karst. East of the Taishan Mansion, there are three to four Crystal Cores between the mountains. Head northeast from there to pick up another one, and up north for one more to the west of the Minlin waypoint.

Crystal Core - Ciujue Slope and Jueyun Karst

Those are all the best areas to farm for Crystal Core. I hope this guide helps you out! For more farm guides, check out our posts below.