f you haven’t perused a biology textbook recently, chitin is a naturally-occurring chemical that you can find in the cells of fungi and the exoskeletons of certain life forms. Arthropods, like insects and crustaceans, have natural armor formed from chitin, so it’s pretty tough stuff as far as bodily chemicals go. I can’t say I’ve ever thought to use chitin in the construction of Norse weaponry, but hey, anything’s worth trying at least once, right? Here’s where to find chitin in Valheim.

While Valheim doesn’t have much in the way of oceanic content just yet, there is a particular duo of aquatic weapons that you may find interesting: the Abyssal Razor, and the Abyssal Harpoon. These are both great workhorse weapons, not to mention upgradable in the Abyssal Razor’s case. In order to create these weapons, you’ll need a supply of fine wood, leather scraps, and most importantly, chitin. They’re weapons forged in the spirit of the oceanic abyss, after all; it only makes sense there’d be some gross ocean stuff in their construction. But seeing as there aren’t any giant crabs in Valheim (yet), where are you supposed to get chitin?

Where to Find Chitin in Valheim

As it so happens, the coasts of Valheim are actually home to one major oceanic species: Krakens. I know what you’re thinking: “giant squid, right?” Nope, Norse Krakens are actually gigantic sea turtles! You may have seen one already if you’ve traveled along the coast, as their gigantic shells are easily mistaken for small islands. If you look closely, though, you can see the shells subtly bobbing up and down as the Kraken floats.

Make your way over to the Kraken’s shell (don’t worry, he won’t bother you) to find several huge Abyssal Barnacles. These barnacles are deposits of fresh chitin, ripe for the harvest. Just smack ‘em a few times with a bronze pickaxe, and they’re yours. Try not to beat around the bush when harvesting chitin, though; once you start mining, the Kraken will become agitated, and after a few minutes, it’ll dive down beneath the waves and out of your reach. Just in case, you may want to keep some stamina potions handy, as you’ll need enough strength to get back to land or your boat when the Kraken starts diving. 

Krakens don’t move too far from their homes, so even when it dives, it should pop back up in the same place or close by after a little while. If you don’t have enough chitin for your crafting needs, just come back later for another barnacle.