Where to Find Brown Creatures in Genshin Impact

The Five Flushes of Fortune event is live now and with it comes a different daily challenge of photographing different targets. Today (February 6th) the targets you want to take a picture of are Brown Creatures. To help you complete this daily mission we’ve put together a short guide. See where to find Brown Creatures in Genshin Impact below.

Brown Creatures List

Image showing a Brown Creature in Genshin Impact.

To complete the Five Flushes of Fortune event today you need to find and photograph 10x Brown Creatures using the Kurious Kamera. This objective is fairly straightforward and there are a number of items that count towards completing this daily challenge. Some of the items that count include:

  • Crimson Foxes.
  • Birds (Eagles, Pigeons, etc).
  • Dogs.
  • Boars.
  • Geovishap Hatchlings, Geovishap, and Primo Geovishap.
  • Ruin Guards.
  • Geo Slimes.
  • Ruin Hunter.

If you wish to find these items for yourself there’s no need to read any further. If you want to quickly complete this daily event I have highlighted a location for you below to make it quick and simple.

Easy Place to Find Brown Creatures

Image showing the map location of Brown Creatures in Genshin Impact.

There are a number of locations you can visit to easily complete the Brown Creatures photo challenge. These locations are throughout the world and will naturally be stumbled upon as you adventure. With that said if you wish to easily complete this daily photo challenge head to the eastside of Stormterror’s Lair in the Brightcrown Canyon area. Here you will find a a number of brown enemy types including a ton of boars and a few Geo Slimes.

Claim Fortune Troves

Image showing the rewards inside the Fortune Troves.

Once you have acquired one of each type of color of photo you can return to Ji Tong to trade them in. Select the “Claim Fortune Trove” option when speaking to Ji to access the Fortune Trove screen. This screen shows you the Guaranteed and Possible Rewards in the Fortune Trove:

Guaranteed Rewards

  • 60x Primogems.

Possible Rewards

  • 12x Hero’s Wits.
  • 24x Mystic Enhancement Ore.
  • 120,000 Mora.

Once you are ready to make the exchange hit the Confirm Exchange button on your platform/PC. This will trade in your photos for a Fortune Trove. You can unlock a total of 8 Troves over the limited time event.

That’s all you need to know about where to find Brown Creatures in Genshin Impact. Keep it locked to our Five Flushes of Fortune guide for daily updates on this event.

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