It’s day two of the Five Flushes of Fortune event in Genshin Impact. Today, we have a new subject from Ji Tong, and we’ll be looking for some blue creatures. Some ideas may pop into your mind, but you’ll need to take ten pictures, and you may want some assistance. Continue below to find out where to find blue creatures for the Five Flushes of Fortune event in Genshin Impact.

If you haven’t started this event yet, tap on the compass icon on the top of your screen. Click on the Five Flushes of Fortune event, and pay a visit to Ji Tong in Liyue Harbor to grab the Kamera. Each day, you’ll need to take a picture of ten objects, determined by Ji Tong. You can check out our Five Flushes of Fortune event guide if you need some help with other days.

Where to find Blue Creatures for Five Flushes of Fortune

There are actually dozens of blue creatures in the various regions of Teyvat. Some immediate ones that come to mind are any Cryo or Hydro creatures, including bosses like Regisvines and Oceanids. Perhaps the easiest ones to find, though, are the blue Slimes. You can typically find these near water or in coastal regions of Mondstadt.

Additionally, you can simply wander around the Dragonspine region and take a photo of any Cryo Hilichurls, Abyss Mages, and other blue mobs. That area is filled with them, so you shouldn’t have any problem locating them. Here are some example locations for you to check out.

Falcon Coast

To start, we’d recommend going to Falcon Coast. Head to the coastline, and take a picture of the crabs, slimes, and cryo hilichurls. It’s an easy way to knock out a good chunk of photos.

Cryo Regisvine

One easy blue creature to snap a picture of is the Cryo Regisvine in eastern Mondstadt, south of Thousand Winds Temple. You can stand on the cliffs above and look down. Zoom in your camera and snap your picture!


Another guaranteed blue creature is the Oceanid in western Mondstadt. Swim to the platform and get it to spawn, and then quickly snap a picture and teleport out of there.


Jump between the multiple waypoints in Dragonspine, and you’ll quickly find a few mobs near each waypoint. Snap a photo of any blue ones, and this should get you to your ten total photograph requirement.