Where to Deliver Old Letter in Pokemon Sword and Shield

In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield there are a number of side missions for players to complete. These side missions often reward you with special items to equip on your Pokemon. One side mission involves delivering a love letter from Hammerlocke to Ballonlea. To help you complete this mission use the where to deliver Old Letter in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield guide below.

How to Get the Old Letter From Paula?

Image showing where to get the Old Letter from Paula.

To start this side mission you need to get the Old Love Letter. The Old Love Letter can be acquired in Hammerlocke (you go here after the third gym). Make your way to the the old castle which is located up the stairs on the east-side of the town and speak to the little girl named Paula there. Paula wants you to deliver an Old Letter for her to a boy. The boy’s name is Frank. He can be found in Ballonlea.

Where to find Frank in Ballonlea?

Image showing the location of Frank in Ballonlea.

Ballonlea is located through the Gilmwood Tangle which is accessible after beating the fourth Gym. Once at Ballonlea make your way into the first house on your left as you head to the stadium. Inside this house there is an Old Man. Speak to the Old Man to learn he is Frank. Long story short, Frank new Paula when they were both kids. Give him the letter and he will give you the Choice Scarf in return. The Choice Scarf boosts a Pokemon’s Speed but only allows the use of one move when equipped.

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