We’re coming into a new week of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, and we have a few new challenges to complete. One of the Week 8 challenges is to collect some research books from two points of interest. There are only eight in total, so that means you’ll have to visit every spot to complete this one, and there’s going to be a lot of people thinking the same thing. To help you get a jump start, we got the locations for you. Here’s where to collect research books from Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park in Fortnite.

Where to Collect Research Books in Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park

Here are the locations for the eight research books in Holly hedges and Pleasant Parks. There are five total in Holly Hedges, and three in Pleasant Park. You can find map guides below, along with brief descriptions of where to find each research books. In short, each book is on the first floor of the building, so you don’t need to do much exploring throughout the houses. A quick in-and-out exploration will do just fine.

Holly Hedges

There are five books in total at the Holly Hedges location. The first house is on the southern house, or the dog house, in Holly Hedges, sitting next to a book case. From there, working counter-clockwise, you’ll need to hit up the three story green house, and check next to the fireplace.

For the next book, head past the soccer field and down the hill to the yellow house. Head in the front door and make a right, and you’ll see the research book next to a bookcase. For the next book, you’ll find it in the most northwestern house in the top left corner. Head through the front door, and you’ll see it on your left hand side. Finally, head south one house, and check just inside the front door, and you’ll see it lying next to a bookcase.

Pleasant Park

There are three books in total at the Pleasant Park location. You can start at the two-story brick house to the north. Walk inside the back door and check immediately to your left to find the book next to a bookcase. From there, head southwest, to the bottom two houses. First up, for the large gray building, walk in the front door, and head left to find the book between a bookcase and the television set. Finally, in the most southern house, walk through the front door, past the kitchen into the room on the left side. You’ll find the final book lying next to the bookcase.