It’s week seven in Fortnite‘s Chapter 2 Season 5, and we have some new challenges to complete. We’ll need to collect some books at a couple of locations for one of the epic challenges. There are five books in total to collect. Here’s where to collect books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands in Fortnite.

Like any collection challenge, refer to the maps below for the exact locations. We recommend dropping directly into the zone and trying to collect all of them from the specific area. Once done, back out of the match and join another one to complete the challenge.

Where to Collect Books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands Locations

There are five books in total, with three at Holly Hedges and two at Sweaty Sands. 

Holly Hedges Book Locations

You’ll find three books in total at Holly Hedges. The first book at Holly Hedges location is at the yellow house northwest of the area. Go through the front door, and you will see the book is lying on the ground immediately to the left next to a bookcase.

Next, head to the brown or tan house on the northeast side of town. Go inside the south entrance, and make a right into the room with the bookcase. Once again, you’ll find a book lying next to it.

Finally, head to the building on the outskirts of town on the east side. Walk in the east side entrance of the green building with the brick foundation. Go through the kitchen, open the door, and the third book is next to the fireplace.

Sweaty Sands Book Locations

Where to Find Books at Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands in Fortnite - Holly Hedges Map

There are two books at Sweaty Sands, and they are both inside houses. Starting on the east side of town, walk inside the one-story brick house. Go into the bedroom, and you’ll see a book next to the bookcase.

For the next and final book, head toward the center of town. Look for the house that’s half wood and half bluish green. Walk inside the east entrance, and you’ll find the book next to the bed near the kitchen.