Lengthy and arduous is the gacha game lifestyle. Rolling the characters you want in games like Genshin Impact takes a very particular kind of dedication. Technically, almost all characters can be obtained at almost any time, but the odds of making that happen are negligible at best, which is why you’ve got to wait for their banners. When those banners roll around, you’ve got to play the game as much as humanly possible to accrue enough primos to roll the dice, and at that point, it’s just a numbers game. It does help, though, to know precisely when new banners are coming and for precisely how long they’ll be around. So, when is the next Genshin Impact banner coming?

As of March 17th, the current character banner is Ballad of Goblets, and the five star headliner is everyone’s favorite windy bard, Venti. If you missed a chance to roll for Venti during the game’s earlier days, this’ll be your best opportunity to take another swing at him. Alongside Venti, this banner features improved four star drop rates for Noelle, Razor, and Sucrose. If you can roll on the banner at least 90 times, you’re guaranteed a five star character.

When is the Next Genshin Impact Banner Coming?

Ballad of Goblets is scheduled to last until April 6th, but the interesting part comes after. While a precise start date hasn’t yet been divulged, at some point after April 6th, presumably within a day or two, the next version 1.4 banner will begin, titled Farewell of Snezhnaya. 

The five star of this banner is another long-desired do-over, Tartaglia (or Childe, if you prefer). To make things more interesting, though, alongside Tartaglia, we’ll be receiving the first appearance of four star character Rosaria, who was announced to launch in version 1.4. Unlike typical four stars on banners, Rosaria’s drop rate will be boosted to crazy levels, to the point that you’re almost guaranteed to get her within 10 or so rolls. If any other four stars will be included in this banner, miHoYo hasn’t announced them, but it’s just as well; you probably won’t get any others before you get Rosaria. 

It isn’t currently known how long Farewell of Snezhnaya will last, so if you want Tartaglia and Rosaria, you better start saving those primos now so you can pull the trigger on them next month.