Have you ever been attacked by a bird? I have. I was walking home from school once and one dive-bombed me in the head from a tree. I dunno if I was standing between it and something it wanted or it just hated my face, but ever since then, I’ve been a little paranoid of bird attacks. This is why, if I were a Pokémon trainer, I probably wouldn’t want to go against a giant Cramorant. If you’ve never been dive bombed by a bird, then here’s when you can battle a giant Cramorant in a Max Raid in Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Starting tonight, all players of Pokémon Sword & Shield will be invited to participate in the special Cramorant Max Raid. As with other Max Raids, players will go up against Dynamaxed Cramorants en masse in teams of four. The more Cramorants the playerbase defeats, the better rewards everyone will get. While the devs haven’t specified what, exactly, players will be rewarded with, they are encouraging everyone to try and defeat 1 million Cramorants in total, so there will probably be something cool if you can make it happen.

When is the Cramorant Max Raid in Pokémon Sword & Shield?

The Cramorant Max Raid begins on February 3rd at 4 PM Pacific time, 7 PM Eastern. There’s no specified endpoint, so the moment it starts, just start beating up Cramorants until the game tells you to stop. 

Incidentally, if you’d like a suggestion for Pokémon to pack, consider Cramorant’s typing. Cramorant is a Flying/Water type, and since both Water and Flying types are weak against Electric, Electric type Pokémon are four times as effective. Technically you could also pack a Rock type to exploit its Flying type, but since Rock types are weak against Water, this isn’t such a great idea.