There’s a time and a place for piracy. Proper piracy, I mean, not like, stealing music and such. To be a professional pirate on the high seas, you gotta wait for the right weather, make sure your ship’s properly stocked, and make sure to depart when the skeletal ghost pirates aren’t as cranky. So, when does Sea of Thieves season 2 start, exactly?

When does Sea of Thieves Season 2 Start?

As it turns out, season 2 starts pretty soon. This week, in fact! Season 2 of Sea of Thieves is scheduled to launch on April 15, this coming Thursday, for both Xbox One and PC. We don’t have a precise time for when the launch will go into effect, but based on the launch times that were used in the deployment of Season 1, it’s probably a safe bet that the sails will unfurl some time around 5:00 AM Eastern time, 10:00 AM British Summer time.

Rare is keeping super mum about what exactly Season 2 of Sea of Thieves will entail, releasing only a teaser trailer and the launch date. From that trailer, though, we can extrapolate a couple of things. For one thing, there’ll almost definitely be a new Battle Pass, featuring another 100 levels of miscellaneous goodies to unlock, plus more for subscribers of the Plunder Pass.

Among those goodies will be a bevy of new cosmetic items to make you look your swarthiest. There’ll also be plenty of skeletons hanging about, making hungry eyes at your soft bits, including some manner of skeleton-ruled fort denoted by a gigantic, flaming skull cloud in the sky. It’s basically a rule of piracy that when a place has a gigantic, flaming skull cloud hovering over it, you need to go check it out, because there’s obviously going to be something cool to find. Or just a bunch of skeletons! Y’know, either or.