It’s a very special kind of agony when you play a really fantastic game and ask “when’s the sequel?” And then everyone just shrugs and says “I’unno.” Hollow Knight Silksong, sequel to the critically acclaimed indie metroidvania Hollow Knight, was announced back in February 2019 with a rather striking reveal trailer dropped the following month. Since that first reveal, though, Team Cherry has maintained almost complete radio silence on the project, breaking only in December 2019 to talk about the soundtrack and some enemy designs before going dark again. The wait is absolutely maddening, to the point that everyone just can’t help but ask “When does Hollow Knight Silksong release?”

Let’s just put this on the table where we can all see it: I don’t know when Silksong is coming out. Believe me, if I did know, I’d be shouting it to heavens from the top of the tallest building I could find. And then I’d do something more sensible like post it somewhere. But in a rather impressive bout of self-isolation, Team Cherry hasn’t let a single detail about the game slip since that initial reveal two years ago, so all we really have to go on is speculation and vague hoping.

When does Hollow Knight Silksong Release?

Silksong was originally supposed to be another expansion pack to Hollow Knight that would allow players to play as Hornet, princess of Hallownest, in her own little journey. This was one of the stretch goals for the original game’s Kickstarter, but with the success of Hollow Knight, they decided they had enough content to spin it off into its own game. As far as anyone knows, Silksong uses the same game engine as Hollow Knight, and a presumably a few of its assets, but since it’s an entirely new location with new inhabitants, they also have to make a lot of new stuff to fill out the world, not to mention programming new mechanics to differentiate Hornet from the Knight.

Team Cherry is not an especially large team, relatively speaking, so it’s anyone’s guess how much time and manpower they have to work on Silksong. Currently, one of the most speculated timeframes for a release is June 2021, though that isn’t really based on anything. Until we have a concrete timeframe, all we can really do is hope for either an update directly from the team, or a surprise reveal in a Nintendo Direct presentation.