Apparently, most professional sports actively discourage showboating after scoring. That’s why you don’t see elaborate touchdown dances during NFL games anymore, for example. It’s a shame, but at least in simulated sports like Rocket League, you can still get a little razz-matazz when you score a point. Of course, some matazzes are a bit razzier than others. What, then, is the rarest goal explosion in Rocket League?

“This calls for a victory tune!”

There are a few different ways to obtain goal explosion effects in Rocket League. The primary one is through the Rocket Pass, the game’s regular battle pass system that rewards you with neat junk the more you play. Goal explosions are occasionally given out as free swag by sponsored Twitch streamers or during major online events. If all else fails, there are external online communities where you can trade and purchase goal explosion effects. Of course, as with any game with an item rarity system, not all explosions are created equal. There are a select few out there that some folks probably wouldn’t kill for, but may heavily consider inflicting bodily harm for.

Rarest Goal Explosion in Rocket League

According to input from some friendly folks at Reddit, the consensus on what the absolute rarest goal explosion is seems to be the Hot Wheels effect. A classy choice, to be sure, though it’s less because everyone is a Hot Wheels fan and more because you can only get that effect from a code on the official Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals pack. That’s not a DLC pack, that’s a real-life pack of actual Hot Wheels toys. And nobody goes into toy stores anymore.

Putting aside artificial scarcity, the other most-coveted goal explosions are, expectedly, the ones from the Black Market category, which can be obtained from blueprints, the Item Shop, and as rewards for tournaments. The most sought after effects are the Shattered, the Neuro-Agitator, and the Dueling Dragons. In the case of Shattered and Neuro-Agitator, that rarity increases immensely if they’re in their Titanium White variants. If you happen to obtain one of these goal explosions for yourself, then either use it as a badge of pride, or save it and look for some rando to sell it to for a tidy sum.