What’s in the Monster Hunter Rise Demo

Ahead of its March 26, 2021 release date Capcom released a demo for the monster hunting title Monster Hunter Rise. This demo allowed players to try out the game before it released to hunt monsters and explore new locations. The demo itself is available for download on the Nintendo Switch. If you want to know what’s in the Monster Hunter Rise demo and if you should try it we’ve put together a brief look below.

Note: There are some important stipulations on the demo you should read about here.

Basic Training and Wyvern Riding Quests

The demo contains a total of four different quests for players to select from and play. These quests provide different difficulties for players with two being ‘tutorial’ quests. You can complete both of the demo’s tutorial quests to get some Basic Training and to learn the newly added Wyvern Riding mechanic.

  • Basic Training: Master Utsushi teaches players how to use the Wirebug. This missions allows you to explore the map without any sort of big monster present.
  • Wyvern Riding Training: Master Utushi teaches players how to use the Wyvern Riding feature. This system is new to the game and allows you to take control of monsters by mounting and riding them.

The tutorial quests have no demo limits on them and be replayed as many times as you’d like as a solo player. The only restriction on these quests that they become inaccessible on February 1, 2021 when the demo ends.

Great Izuchi and Mizutsune Hunt Quests

The Beginner and Intermediate difficulty quests are both monster hunts you can complete. These hunts task players with defeating a Great Izuchi (Beginner) and the Mizutsune (Intermediate). Both these monster hunts can be started by selecting them on the demo’s Quest Selection screen. When starting these hunt quests hunters select a weapon to use from the 14 playable weapon types in the game. Both of these quests take place in the Shrine Ruins locale which you are free to explore within the quest’s time limit.

Unlike the tutorial quests there is a restriction on hunts. If you are a solo player you may only complete these hunts a total of 30 times. After this point you will no longer have access to the hunts. Players that use the online feature to party up will not face a limit on the amount of hunts they can complete in the demo.

This demo is the first taste of Monster Hunter Rise players have received. Capcom has promised there will be more revelations leading up to the game’s March release. These revelations will come on the Monster Hunter YouTube channel, future live-streams, and written posts on the game’s official website.

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