What’s For Sale in the Crucible Store? June 10

Crucible is a new free-to-play team shooter out of Amazon Games and Relentless Studios. In this shooter players select from a pool of hunters before entering into a match. These hunters are unique characters that can be customized to change they way they look, sound, and emote. All of these customization come from the in game store. If you are wondering what ‘s for sale in the Crucible store today you’ve come to the right place.

UPDATE: We will no longer be updating this post.

Crucible Store Items For Sale on June 10

Image showing the Crucible Store Items For Sale on June 10.

The store is currently setup so you can buy individual items or bundles that feature a collection of items inside them. These bundles are available in the weekly and featured deal section of the Crucible store. I will highlight what items are inside each of these bundles below:

Featured Deal

  • Bugg Bundle (3 Items) – 1200 Credits.
    • Future Farmer Skin.
    • Growling Voice.
    • Spin Cycle Emote.

Weekly Deal

  • Shakirri Bundle (3 Items) – 1275 Credits.
    • Off Duty Skin.
    • Cut Loose Emote.
    • Anger Emoji.
  • Rahi & Brother Bundle (3 Items) – 975 Credits.
    • All-Rounder Skin.
    • Toon Rahi & Brother Decal.
    • Rahi Anger Emoji.
  • Tosca Bundle (3 Items) – 1950 Credits.
    • Chirtan Court Skin.
    • Black Shadow Skin.
    • Toon Tosca Decal.
  • Drakahl Bundle (3 Items) – 2325 Credits.
    • Wastelander Survivor Skin.
    • Thorium Knight Skin.
    • Watercolor Drakahl Decal.

That’s all the featured items currently available on the main screen of the Crucible store. Since the above items are Weekly Deals check back each week to see the updated list. Until then good luck out there hunter.

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