There’s a hidden quest inside Destiny 2 Beyond Light, and you may already have started it without knowing. The secret quest involves destroying an enemy that only spawns in certain weather conditions. In this guide, we’ll show you precisely what to do with the Strange Signal in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. We’ll also go over the process to get the strange signal in the first place if you haven’t done so already.

How to get the Strange Signal

To get the strange signal, head over to the Asterion Abyss. You’ll need to make sure there is a blizzard happening to get a unique mob to spawn. The enemy you’re looking for is the Valkyrie Venator, and he’s easy enough to kill, as long as you are not super under-leveled. Eliminate the Venator, and you should get the Strange Signal.

What to do with the Strange Signal in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

After eliminating the Venator, head towards the Nexus on Asterion Abyss as if you were going to do the new Europa strike. Make your way inside, and look for a vex-looking structure pyramid that illuminates orange light. It’s in the first room on the right-hand side. There is a Friendly Harpy next to it, as well, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. 

Approach the structure and interact with it to initiate the test of darkness. After starting the test, a few vex platforms begin to spawn, and you’ll need to make your way across them to another structure identical to the first one.

Enemies will periodically spawn in, and you’ll need to destroy them, along with the white crystals that appear in the air. Continue killing the enemies, and don’t worry about falling off. If you take a misstep, you can get back up and resume where you paused.

Eventually, a Hydra will spawn in the center, and you’ll need to take it out. After destroying it, a chest will spawn on the platform underneath the hydra’s corpse. The loot contains your reward for completing the Strange Signal secret quest in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.