Destiny 2’s next major expansion is on the horizon, and all the Guardians out there probably want to know the exact time. Beyond Light comes at an interesting time, when there’s nothing else to do aside from playing video games. We expect a massive amount of players to be participating on launch day. 

What time does Destiny 2 Beyond Light go live?

Destiny 2 Beyond Light officially goes live at 12 pm EST on November 10. For those Guardians in the west coast and central time zones, that’s 9 am PST, and 11 am CT. There is a more detailed release schedule down below, which includes server maintenance timeframes and update rollouts. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Live Event: November 9 at 9:50 pm EST
  • Server Maintenance: November 9 at 10 pm EST
  • Update Rollout: November 10 at 12 pm EST

The update is an extensive one, and Bungie was gracious enough to allow preloads in advance of the release. Here’s the breakdown for Destiny 2 Beyond Light preload times:

  • PlayStation 4: November 8 at 11 pm EST (171 GB)
  • Xbox One: November 9, 10 pm EST (66 GB)
  • PC: November 9 at 10 pm EST (188 GB)

For those players on PC, make sure you have automatic updates enabled on Steam. Turning that on ensures your game will be completely up-to-date at launch time.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Bundles

There are a few different editions of Beyond Light that Guardians can purchase. Here are the bundles:

  • Destiny 2 Beyond Light Standard: $39.99

    • Standard Edition includes access to the new campaign, Europa, and an upcoming raid. It also includes Rimed Ghost Shell and a Legendary Emblem.
  • Destiny 2 Beyond Light and Season: $49.99

    • Season Bundle includes everything as the Standard Edition, plus the Season 12 Pass provides access to Hunts, Missions, and other content. Bonuses include Rimed Ghost Shell, Freeze Tag emote, and a Legendary Emblem.
  • Destiny 2 Beyond Light Deluxe Edition: $69.99

    • Deluxe Edition includes all content plus four season passes. Guardians also get the Freeze Tag Emote, The Stranger’s Exotic Sparrow, and No Time to Explain Ornament. Pre-orders feature Rimed Ghost Shell, Freeze Tag Emote, and Legendary Emblem.