Image via Activision

Relentless is a medal that has been in Call of Duty for generations. Any veterans out there should already know what it is and how you get it. For newer players that have been introduced to the series through COD Mobile, here’s how you can get your hands on this allusive achievement. 

How to Get the Relentless Medal in COD Mobile

Getting a relentless medal is simple in theory, but not so much in execution. To be awarded one, all you have to do is get 20 kills in a row. In other words, you need to go on a 20 killstreak. 

There’s no easy way to cheese this in multiplayer. You’ve got to grind out the game, play your life, and get good enough to genuinely go on a 20+ streak. 

It is possible to earn this medal while playing against bots, but that doesn’t really count, does it?

If you’ve still got your heart set on getting a Relentless Medal in COD Mobile, then there are two particular things you can do to increase your chances. 

First and foremost, make sure you’re playing the meta. I don’t care if you have fun running around with whatever marshmallow shooter is the flavor of the week. If you want to rack up a kill streak, you need to be using good guns

As well as that, your scorestreak kills count towards the medal. You’re going to be racking up a high score regardless, so make it a bit easier on yourself by running streaks that are based around killing the enemy team.