In the age of piracy, the world’s various trading companies needed vessels and crews that they could trust implicitly. They needed sailors that made their deliveries quickly and on time, and weren’t afraid of things like terrible weather conditions or pirates. Those who did well were well-regarded by their employers, earning first dibs on high-paying jobs. That system has carried over into Sea of Thieves in the form of Emissary Value. But what exactly is Emissary Value in Sea of Thieves.

Emissary Value is… well, it’s kinda right there on the tin, now isn’t it? It’s your value as an Emissary. To be more specific, Emissary Value denotes your loyalty and dedication to one of the major Trading Companies of Sea of Thieves: the Gold Hoarders, the Order of Souls, and the Merchant Alliance, though you can also gain Emissary Value with outlying organizations like the Reaper’s Bones and Athena’s Fortune. 

What is Emissary Value in Sea of Thieves

After you pledge yourself to one of the Companies and begin flying their flag, you can start running deliveries for them. Obtaining particular kinds of treasure and offloading it at your local Company representative will raise your Emissary Value, showing how beneficial you’ve been to this particular company. The three main Companies will only take these kinds of loot:

  • Gold Hoarders: Chests
  • Order of Souls: Skulls
  • Merchant Alliance: Crates

You can also offload any kind of treasure to the Reaper’s Bones, though chests, skulls, and crates will only go for 25% of their usual value.

By completing jobs for the companies, as well as participating in major world events, starting and completing quests, defeating powerful enemies, and sinking rival ships, you’ll also raise your Emissary Grade. Higher Emissary Grades nets you flashier Emissary flags, which in turn provide multipliers for all Emissary Value you earn.

You can see how much Emissary Value you have by checking the Emissary Ledger. The Emissary Ledger is effectively a leaderboard, tracking the value of every player in the game. Those who accrue enough value to top the leaderboard when Emissary Value resets at the end of a month will receive special cosmetic items themed after their chosen Company.