Black Ops Cold War is getting its own Battle Royale mode in Season 3. It isn’t exactly going to be a competitor to Warzone, but it is a fun option for anyone looking for something that’s a little bit new. Here’s a basic rundown of the Black Ops Cold War Multi-Team Elimination game mode coming to S3 and what we know so far.

What is Multi-Team Elimination?

Do you remember Blackout? Think of Multi-Team Elimination as a variant of that. It’s a battle royale mode, true and true, but unlike Warzone, it’s using Cold War’s mechanics and guns. 

It’s also not set on one singular map like most Battle Royales. Instead, it’s going to be played on the various fireteam maps that are already in the game. Although, the exact nature of how this is going to work hasn’t been revealed just yet. 

One other significant difference sets Multi-Team Elimination and Warzone apart, though, and that’s the fact that you don’t need to be the last team standing to win. 

From what I can gather from various sources, it appears as though the first team to board an exfil chopper in the final zone will win. It is an interesting change that I’m excited to see in action.

It might not sound major, but it completely changes endgame strategy and will definitely result in some hilarious ninja wins, so to speak.