I like to play games with my friends on occasion, but we aren’t exactly what you’d call a “coordinated unit.” Two of my friends have a tendency to shout orders, two more of them have a predilection for friendly fire, and I just sorta stand there and do nothing. This is why, on the few occasions we’ve played Valorant together, we have most definitely not earned the coveted title of “Team Ace.” But what, exactly, is a Team Ace in Valorant?

“Team Ace,” much like “Flawless” or “Thrifty,” is one of the titles you and/or your teammates can earn upon the completion of a round. They don’t really mean anything, they just look cool, and make for some nice hype moments if you happen to be a streamer. One of the most impressive titles is “Ace,” wherein you successfully kill every member of the opposing team at least once without getting killed yourself. It’s quite a difficult task on its own, so imagine how difficult it would be to coordinate that task among a group of people.

What is a Team Ace in Valorant?

A “Team Ace” refers to when all members of your team successfully kill a member of the opposing team without getting killed themselves. 5 members, 5 opponents, 5 kills; in other words, it’s an Ace on a team-wide scale, and achieving it requires either exceptional coordination or absolutely uncanny good luck. 

Valorant matches are five versus five by default, but in the event one or both teams are short a few players, it’s still possible to achieve a Team Ace. In fact, it’s debatably easier. Let’s say, for example, the opposing team only has four members, while you’ve got a full five. If four of your members can kill all four members of the opposing team, that counts as a Team Ace. This also works the other way around; if you’re down a member, your team just needs to kill four players from the opposing team to get a Team Ace. The fifth member is just a freebie.