The newest tour in Mario Kart Tour has finally been released. Tokyo Pipe 1 is now active for the next 6 days, and Peach (Kimono) is the official high-end driver for the week.

What Does Peach Kimono Do in Mario Kart Tour

Peach (Kimono) has a special skill Mushroom Cannon, where she rapidly fires Mushrooms onto the course. You can rapidly use as many as you possible can by tapping your screen to gain a big dash advantage.

Peach (Kimono) is also the top tier driver for the first set of races, the Rosalina Cup. You can acquire Peach (Kimono) by firing pipes while the Tokyo Pipe is active.

Other items include Quickshadow, a kart that increasing dash time of Rocket Starts and bonus points earning for doing one, and the Purple Oilpaper Umbrella, a unique glider that increases your chance of getting the Mushroom item from item boxes.

Peach (Kimono) level stats are as follows:

  • Level 1 – +2% chance of starting a Frenzy.
  • Level 2 – +4% chance of starting a Frenzy, x1 bonus-points boost.
  • Level 3 – +4% chance of starting a Frenzy, x2 bonus-points boost.
  • Level 4 – +7% chance of starting a Frenzy, x3 bonus-points boost.
  • Level 5 – +7% chance of starting a Frenzy, x4 bonus-points boost.
  • Level 6 – +10% chance of starting a Frenzy, x5 bonus-points boost.