Another Pokémon fun fact? Sure! Fans have theorized that the designs of Weavile and its predecessor Sneasel are inspired by the “kamaitachi,” a kind of Japanese yokai. According to legend, kamaitachi was a weasel-like yokai with extremely sharp sickles on its front paws, which it would use to strike at hapless travelers during frigid snowstorms. This was why, when these travelers made it home, they’d find lots of little cuts all over their skin. Neat, huh? Considering its spooky origins, we’re gonna need to pick an appropriately sinister moveset for Weavile. Here are the best moves for Weavile in Pokémon GO.

In its Pokémon GO incarnation, Weavile has access to three quick moves and five main moves. Those moves are as follows:

Quick Moves

  • Ice Shard (Ice)
  • Feint Attack (Dark)
  • Snarl (Dark)

Main Moves

  • Focus Blast (Fighting)
  • Avalanche (Ice)
  • Foul Play (Dark)
  • Frustration (Normal, Shadow Weavile exclusive)
  • Return (Normal, Purified Weavile exclusive)

Best Moves for Weavile in Pokémon GO

To determine the best moves for Weavile, we need to consider an optimal combination of energy gain and DPS, while also taking the most advantage of Weavile’s particular Dark/Ice typing. 

With these quantifiers in mind, the optimal combination of Quick and Main moves for Weavile would be Snarl and Avalanche

While Snarl is technically weaker than Feint Attack in the DPS department, it generates much more energy, which will allow you to bust out your Mains much faster. We’re taking the long game into consideration here.

As for Avalanche, while it is, again, not the most explicitly powerful move in Weavile’s arsenal, it costs less energy to use than Focus Blast, so the shorter interval between attacks makes up the difference on DPS. By combining Snarl’s greater energy generation with Avalanche’s lower cost, you get two reasonably powerful moves coming out at a nice, steady clip. 

Snarl and Foul Play is also a viable combo, as it deals more damage than Snarl and Avalanche while taking about as long to pop, but going that way carries a very distinct risk. Using both of Weavile’s types in its moves gives more versatility against a greater number of opponents, while making both moves the same type makes it great against something that’s weak against it, but virtually useless against anything else.