What are Accolades in Outriders

In Outriders you spend a good chunk of your time grinding for different items like weapons and armor. While you are grinding for these character improving items you will want to focus your effort on completing accolades. Accolades are the game’s sort of challenges you can complete to earn cosmetic rewards and other items. To learn more about what are accolades in Outriders see our guide below.

Type of Accolades in Outriders

Image showing accolades in Outriders.

Accolades as mentioned above are Outriders in-game challenges you can complete while playing the game. These challenges cover a wide range of game mechanics and include things like Combat, Progression, Hunt, Teamwork, Item Management, and class specific challenges. While I won’t list all of them, you can see the accolades in-game by accessing the accolades tab on the hero menu. On this screen (shown above) you can inspect each of the different accolade categories to learn what’s inside each of them.

Accolade Rewards in Outriders

Image showing accolade rewards in Outriders.

If you read the above and thoughts that’s good and all but what’s the point? Well I have the answer for you. When you complete an accolade you earn basically XP that is applied to your accolade level. When you level up your accolade level you receive a collection of rewards. These rewards are centered on the game’s cosmetic systems and range from new flag designs to emote unlocks. If you want to make your hero more unique, you will want to complete accolades to earn the customization rewards there.

That’s all you need to know about the accolades system in Outriders. While I would recommend actually looking at the accolades before you dive into the game, it isn’t that necessary. By simply playing the game you will find yourself leveling up accolades fairly frequently. Just be sure to claim your rewards when you level up the accolade level.

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