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Strain Flavors and Traits

Every weed strain has his own unique flavor and traits. And depending on the flavor and traits of the strain you are growing specific groups in customers will be interested in your batch.

Adam Ill OG
Flavor: floral
Traits: Couch Lock, Anti-Migraine, Hunger

Ancient Kush
Flavor: Cheese
Traits: Arousal, Quality Bonus, Energy, Sharp Hearing

Blue Dream
Flavor: Sweet
Traits: Anti-Fatigue, Chill, Anti-Depression, Peaceful Sleep, Yields +10%

Cherry Bomb
Flavor: Sweet
Traits: Focused, Blissful, Anti-Depression, Frivolous Storytelling, Epiphany

Flavor: Skunk
Traits: Anti-Fatigue, Uplift, Talkativeness, Sharp Hearing, Superhuman Social Skills

Granddaddy Purple
Flavor: Sweet
Traits: Spacing Out, Paint Relief, Relaxed Body

Gas 93
Flavor: Chemical
Traits: Couch Lock, Blissfulness, Hunger, Enhanced Taste, Epiphany

Flavor: Spicey
Traits: Anti-Fatigue, Happiness, Energy

LA Bron James
Flavor: Pine
Traits: Anti-Fatigue, Chill, Anti-Cramps, Blissful Tranquility

Flavor: Earthy
Traits: Couch Lock, Pain Relief, Anti-Nausea

Maui Wowie
Flavor: Tropical
Traits: Focused, Gigglyness, Energy, Higher Libido

Mint Zone
Flavor: Herbal
Traits: Spacing Out, Chill, Relaxed Body, Peaceful Tranquility

Northern Lights
Flavor: Earthy
Traits: Spacing Out, Pain Relief

Orange Dynamite
Flavor: Citrusy
Traits: Focus, Happiness, Euphoria, Frivolous Storytelling, Superhuman Social Skills

Original Gangster OG
Flavor: Pine
Traits: Arousal, Happiness, Anti-Depression

Flavor: Earthy
Traits: Faster Growth, Faster Growth

Vile Monarch
Flavor: Pine
Traits: Spacing Out, Happiness, Euphoria, Higher Libido, The Ultimate Trip

Wedding Cake
Flavor: Vanilla
Traits: Carefreeness, Quality Bonus, Euphoria

White Fire OG
Flavor: Sweet
Traits: Spacing Out, Pain Relief, Anti-Nausea, Mild Hallucinations, The Ultimate Trip

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