Wasteland 3 – How to Farm More Cash

This Guide is short and sweet. The easiest way to farm up an unreasonable amount of cash. 

Farming Cash Guide


At the bizarre exterior south of the entrance to the map is a small building with Paris Handler inside who is looking to get in the bizarre as a shop and needs to make a blood red mix. Now, if you have done this don’t bother reading the rest of the guide.

How to

You can use the table behind Paris to help mix a dye which you either need weird science, the book “The Clown’s Guide to Paint, Makeup, and Acid” (see picture), or this guide to get the mix for the red dye. Which is Carbon 18, Hydrogen 14, Nitrogen 2, Sodium 2, Oxygen 8, Sulfate 2. Once you do this mix and finish it, Paris will talk to you. Do not exit that chat. Once she pays you once for the helping ($124), the first menu option for the chat will re-trigger the help completing dialogue and re-trigger the reward. You can easily from this point mash left click until you have all the money you want.

Be warned once you exit the menu this will be gone.

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